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My Name Is
Adrien “A.D.” Odate

Wellness & Personal Development Coach

I Am Here to Help You Find & Forge Your Own Path

Personal Development Coaching

Coach A.D. is here to help you discover your purpose and place in the world. Whether you are a traditional professional, a creative, someone who is spiritually motivated or health-conscious, Coach A.D. can help you forge your path to greatness.

Wellness Coaching

Coach A.D. will help you assess your current wellness, identify your fitness goals, develop your wellness program and guide you to your goals.


I’ve spent over 15 years coaching clients and pros on how to maximize their capabilities. Achieving alignment with your mind, body and your will to overcome is the equation for success.





Personal Training

Working 1-on-1 with you, Coach A.D. will develop and execute a plan for you based on your unique needs and goals. (Couple, Duet, and Small Group training available.)

Wellness Coaching

A.D. will help shine the light on your unique skillsets, strengths, and resources, in order to help you transform your dreams and desires into achievable goals through effective action.

Implementation Coaching

Coach AD will help you implement strategies developed in special training sessions to improve your team dynamic and create a team culture that serves your industry and specific needs.

Career Coaching

Coach AD will help you identify your strengths, utilize your education and experience to expand your marketable skill sets and prepare to make an indelible mark in the professional arena.


Coach A.D. can help you achieve goals related to any area of personal development, including relationships, business, finance or health, and wellness.

The path to success is as unique as the individual on it.

What is it you really want to achieve in life? What makes you happy? Coach A.D. will guide you through identifying your true objective

Where are we going? - Identifying the goal.

Not everyone overcomes the same obstacles. A truly personalized and individualized coaching plan.

What are we working with? - Assess your strengths and weaknesses

Build the perfect plan to fit every bit of your lifestyle and what truly makes you happy.

How are we getting there? - Create the roadmap

Now we finish the race. Coach A.D. walks you through every step of the entire race and across the finish line. 

Time to ride out - The work begins.

Book a free consultation and begin the change in your life today!


Coach A.D. has gotten to where he is at by following the Mind, Body, and Will template in his Coaching.
What does this mean?
A.D. breaks it down in a FREE downloadable PDF delivered directly to your email!

I Am Ready To Change My Life! 

Here is what my clients have to say…

“I didn’t like the way I felt. After our first workout, I knew my life was going to change for the better. He kept me consistent and held me accountable. We’ve been working together for a little over a year and I’ve never felt better.”

Mike N.

“Adrien has been my trainer for close to 2 years. I don’t just work out my body, I work out my mind as well. I am grateful for the day we got paired up – I didn’t just meet my trainer, I met a friend.”

Annie G.

“Adrien is supportive and encouraging. He offers a sympathetic ear and gives me a nudge when my motivation is waning. I can’t recommend working with Adrian highly enough.”

Yvonne K.

Experience a truly customized coaching experience…

Every journey starts with the Mind, Body, and Will. Yet every person has their own unique journey.

Coach A.D’s job is to help you build and execute a strategy for success in whatever area of life you are seeking to grow.

Working 1 on 1 with his clients gives him the ability to focus on their problems, and execute custom-developed game plans for their success.